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Water has passed under the bridges ...
See the galleries of our little story.

Small and slow is beautiful!

It was March 29th 2016 when we started drawing the first traces on the grass. Then it all seemed too big. And instead, little by little, Nature has begun to fill that flat space, weaving its infinite network of relationships and energy exchanges of which we are part. Follow the images of our little story, browsing through the galleries related to the different years, and see how the system is evolving.

Ancora 1

2016 - The first steps

  • Preparation of raised for veggies

  • Preparation of the first 2 food forests

  • First experiments with sowing

  • Construction of the mobile poultry house

  • Arrangement of materials stored in the shed

  • First gardens on mulched bed

  • Planting of hedges

  • First experiences with volunteers

  • The first composters

  • Excavations for 2 rainwater collection ponds

2017 - The second year begins

  • Biomass creation: wood chips and biochar

  • Creation of 2 water storage basins

  • Preparation of the planting area with south-north rows

  • Creation of the central area for Mediterranean plants

  • Planting of small fruits bush trees

  • Construction of the octagonal gazebo

  • Cereal harvest (in the hilly area)

  • First celebratory events

  • Different experiences with volunteers

2018 - In evolution

  • The renovation of the building begins

  • Ecological experiments with animals

  • Almost all trees and shrubs have been planted

  • Nature begins to colonize and biodiversify

  • Construction of the perimeter fence (with funding call)

  • Construction of the third and largest water storage basin, of almost 100,000 disputes

  • Production of vegetables, pumpkins, aubergines, tomatoes

  • More volunteers arrive

2019 - The system goes towards maturity

L'evoluzione del parco nel corso degli anni

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