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We are a small community with a dream: to create a landscape from nothing.
We are slowly but constantly succeeding.

The team and the dream

A family of peasant origins, a small and parched land of an acreage of three "Biolche Reggiane" (roughly 2.5 Acres) with a ramshackle farm shed above. And a grandmother with a big heart with her four children, who, despite appearances, considered this place as an incredible wealth. Here is how our grandchildren's dream begins: to create an oasis, a fertile, leafy and vital landscape, where during the scorching summers of the Po Valley you can find shade, the scent of flowers, savoring fruits with forgotten flavors. Where can one day relive the rural atmosphere that made our child years so pleasant. We are now a small family business, intent on reorganizing and enhancing a piece of flat land of about 1 hectare with an old agricultural building that we are transforming into what will be the center of activities. We also have a high hill area of ​​about 9 hectares of remarkable landscape value, which provides us with ancient grains and fruits. Finally, we are reorganizing our homes and those of our immediate family members in order to make them more functional and productive. Our ultimate goal is to undertake a process of transition to a more sustainable and resilient lifestyle.

Ancora 1



Gianluca Burani - 47 years old, master degree in business administration. As foreign languages, I speak English (Advanced, C2) and Spanish (Expert, C1). Before starting a family I had the opportunity to travel a little and I visited Thailand, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Swaziland, Mexico, Guatemala, the USA, Brazil, La Bolivia, Peru, Cuba, Jamaica, Iran, Tibet., As well as various experiences throughout Europe. I got to know permaculture in year 2000 during a long trip to Australia. For 16 years I worked in the family business, an experience that ended at the end of 2015. It is now over 4 years that I am dedicating myself to the realization of this project, which is my true passion: nature, ecology, transition, resilience , sustainability, biodiversity, connection, travel are my guiding words. I obtained the PdC (Permaculture Design Cetificate) in 2015 in Reggio Emilia with Anna Bartoli and Elena Parmigiani. In 2016 I attended an APdC (Advanced Permaculture Design Cetificate) again with Anna Bartoli. In 2017 I then attended the PTM teacher course (Permaculture Teaching Matters) with Rosemary Morrow, Alfred Decker and Anna Bartoli in Bolsena on the occasion of the European Permaculture Convergence. I am now finishing the Diploma course at the Italian Academy of Permaculture. At the same time, I followed a long training course at Dinamica, the Training Authority of the Emilia Romagna Region, where I obtained various specific skills in the agricultural field.


Cristina Dallai - 48, graduated, I speak a little English (beginner, A2). I worked in the family business until a few years ago. Tired of frenetic pace, I realized that true wealth is time. I love traveling, having new experiences, and spending time with friends. I like yoga, that I practiced for a few years; I like to cook cakes and pies and I have a particular passion for organizing events for children. It fills me with joy to be in contact with the earth, to harvest its fruits and turn them into delicious dishes for my family. Thanks to my mother Germana, a former cook by profession, I am learning and I am specializing in themes related to cooking with natural ingredients such as herbs and flowers and a particular predilection for the preparation of sweets.



Daniela Burani - I am 50 years old, graduated in accounting. I speak English (intermediate B1), French (beginner A2) and some Spanish (beginner, A1). I accompanied my mother Silvana for almost 25 years in the family business. My real passion is traveling and diving. I dive in the seas of half the world, above all to have the experience of finding myself face to face with the great sharks and cetaceans. I always love meeting new people, I love being in the company of friends and relatives, I think the real great wealth of life is personal relationships and connections. I'm in charge of administration and accounting and I'm learning the secrets of product transformation. I will also take care of the hospitality of the people at the agritourism facility. I'm following a training course on agronomic issues related to the activity.

I'm here too......AMELIA

Amelia Burani - I am 9 years old and I am the little girl at home! I am in the third year of elementary school and have already started studying English. I look forward to hosting people with whom to exchange some words. I love spending time with volunteers from whom I always learn a lot. I am cheerful and curious, even if a little shy, I like dancing, I like to draw, I like to dress up as a princess, I like outdoor games and I love flowers. I am learning to play the guitar that I will play for Park visitors.


Ehy... Do not forget about me! - IACOPO

Iacopo Burani - I am 12 years old, I like being outdoors, I like woods, forests, animals and adventure. I have a particular fondness for foreign languages; I'm learning English and Spanish and I'm looking forward to making new friends. I am active and very dynamic, I like to get my hands dirty with dirt, I like to create objects and design landscapes and houses. When I grow up I would like to build houses with natural materials. To the question "What would you like to do when you grow up?" I often answer: "The farmer"

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