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Fresh products: small berry fruits, traditional fruits and herbs.

Fruits and veggies

What we do we try to do it well and sustainably. We try not to pollute the world around us, living with kindness. We cultivate with the aim of leaving a living, fertile and rich soil, with the idea that at ecological maturity, the place will have to look more like a natural forest than an agricultural cultivation. We produce fresh, seasonal products, grown strictly according to the organic and regenerative method, in a context of high biodiversity, maximizing the ecological margins. We look for flavor and quality rather than quantity. We imagine ourselves to be gatherers looking for spontaneous products.

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Edible berries and small frutis


We particularly like small fruits and edible berries, which are essential in a multi-level agro-bio-diverse system. Depending on the season, we collect a large variety of small fruits that we serve fresh or transform: raspberries, gooseberries, currants (red, black and white), siberian blueberry, goumi, blackberry, seabuckthorn berries, goji, black aronia, amelanchier, grapes, mini kiwi, akebia, Nanjing cherries and many others.

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Traditional fruits

We cannot miss the fruits of our tradition: prunes, apricots, cherries, apples and pears. These are the trees that delight us with seasonal fruit and provide shade to the bush plants of the underlying levels. Our over 350 fruit trees are mostly chosen from old varieties and without patents. Among them we also have numerous wild varieties, such as myrobalans and native plums.

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Edible flowers and herbs


The park is literally "invaded" by flowers and edible herbs, aromatic and medicinal herbs, medical herbs and other useful essences for insects, generally in combination with trees and shrubs. We have deliberately disseminated the herbs that we let grow spontaneously, delegating to the ecosystem the task of finding the balance within our system.

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Greens and veggies


We cultivate different seasonal vegetables that interspersed between the rows and in the numerous marginal areas: pumpkins, courgettes, aubergines and tomatoes in particular. We will soon also have a mandala vegetable garden, about 18 meters in diameter, on which we will mainly produce leafy vegetables with a bio-intensive method.

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