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We have a real passion: designing and creating agro-ecosystems.
We assist you, design them and create them with you.

Design and consulting

The agro-ecosystems of the near future are highly designed and integrated productive spaces that mimic the working patterns of the Natural World, of which man is part. Design is therefore the basis of every action and of every construction process of these new agricultural landscapes. With this approach we have gained our experience that we now feel ready to disclose professionally. We can therefore follow you in the agronomic choices. If you are starting from scratch, we design a complete system for you. Otherwise, we can also support you only in the conception and realization of individual elements of your existing system, in a regenerative perspective. We can assist you in a wide range of needs related to your ideas and to your projects.

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Agro design


Who said that productive agricultural systems cannot be as beautiful and exciting as gardens?

We have focused our experience on this important aspect and starting from the permaculture principle that says "integrate and not separate", we have developed knowledge and methods, to achieve a harmonious synthesis of crops and gardens, for what will be small-scale agriculture of the future.

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Progettazione 360

360° Permaculture design

We design! It is what we most love to do. We can assist you in starting, developing or implementing your permaculture project, starting a micro farm or in your private project, even small and very small scale.

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Food forest

Food forest design and garden-orchard systems

Orti and in particular orchards are our passion. We create integrated and olistic garden-orchard systems, on different crop levels, preferring the creation of eco-systemic growing plants in evolution. From the simple vegetable garden to the traditional orchard to the food forest to the agro forestry.

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Design and implementation of irrigation systems

LeLow-consumption irrigation strategies are essential, especially in the early years of a new system, before systemic eco-relationships, in a well-designed environment, allow vegetables to free themselves and become resilient, in this age of great thermal stress and water. We design and build water systems with minimal or no visual impact.

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Acumulo idrico

Study and design of water storage systems


Climate change has made it imperative to provide rainwater or wastewater storage systems, in order to minimize the adverse effects of increasingly long and grueling droughts and also to lower irrigation costs.

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Aesthetics of the rural landscape

The era of environmental regeneration requires that agricultural systems be drastically rethought so as to also become an aesthetic element of the urban and peri-urban landscape as they have always characterized the aspect of traditional rural areas. A well-designed, functional, and aesthetic rural landscape / system is rewarding and motivating for those who live and work in the system, for visitors and for customers. We develop design methods to help you realize your idea so that it integrates and enhances the surrounding environment and constitutes an element of value and embellishment, so as to have an economic return potential in itself.

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Varietà impianto

Consultancy for varietal choices and plant implantation

Varietal choices are always difficult, especially when dealing with old varieties, little known or when working in multi-species contexts, and in multi-level crops, in atypical areas for the numerous varieties that are entering the current agroecological contexts. We have gained several years of experience in creating complex plant systems and we are ready to put it at your disposal.

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Respect management and pruning of the orchard

We consider the orchard as an essential and organic part of the agro ecosystems. This is why we see trees in their entirety as key polyfunctional elements and not as mere seasonal fruit producers. We therefore want trees to be long-lived and healthy and, why not, beautiful. We try to integrate animal life with the orchard. We carry out pruning, which respects the posture and physiology of plants. We apply methods of natural defense of cultivated vegetables.

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Acquisto terreni

Assistance in choosing and purchasing land

Buying land is a difficult choice, but of fundamental importance for developing a systemic permaculture or agriculture project. We put our experience at your disposal to help you choose, evaluating all the different factors that will contribute to the best, and often the least expensive, success of your projects.

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Creation of guilds and ecological margins

Vegetable guilds are beneficial associations between different trees, shrubs and herbs of different species and varieties, which support each other and perform mutualistic functions. The main functions are:

  • Pest control by means of aromas and fumigation of the surrounding soil

  • Nutrition offer in terms of bioavailability of minerals or humic substances (organic

  • Physical protection, as a support or barrier to wind and phytochemistry, as a release of substances and exudates

  • Reduction of competition between root systems

  • We can advise you on the creation or implementation of beneficial guilds for your agro system.

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Design and organization of the micro farm


One of the primary objectives of the "TREBIOLCHE" project is to develop a scalable micro farm model that can be applied to different and numerous realities that are developing, with company sizes from 0 to 5 hectares. We help you create, modify or redesign your farm to make it more efficient, more resilient, more stable and even more integrated into the surrounding rural landscape.

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